Seasoning Spray

Official ManGrate seasoning spray for our raw cast iron grates


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Oil Up Those Grates! 

Seasoning is a necessary process for any raw cast iron cookware. Cast iron is a porous metal and it needs a lubricant to soak into the pores of the grates that can withstand the heat of a grill; over time this creates a coating that prevents rust, sticking and preserves your grates. We have sourced an American company that specializes in producing premium cooking sprays for quick release of baked goods and rotisserie items at high temperatures—perfect for grilling.

American made, reduces residue build-up, superior heat resistance, LARGE 16-oz can 

The aerosol spray makes it easy to coat your grates, and it is designed to withstand the high temperatures in your grill to create a durable seasoning of the iron. Made from a blend of pure vegetable oil and food-grade mineral oil. No calories, no cholesterol, requires no refrigeration and will NOT alter taste or nutritional profile of foods you grill.

NOTE: Spray the grates before turning on a gas grill to cook and after you turn off the flames of the grill once food is cooked. Do NOT spray into open flames.



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Seasoning Spray

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