What our customers say about us

The quotes below are from actual ManGrate users. They are not paid, bribed or strong-armed in any way to submit their testimonials, and other than editing for space and clarity, they are the direct opinions from our loyal customers . . . and we think THEY are awesome.

This is the best ever! I thank my wife for buying these on Father’s Day! I enjoy everything about these ManGrates and the awesome way they cook the meat! Thanks ManGrate…You guys are awesome!

Recently competed in a Steak Cookoff Association-sanctioned event [normally we compete in the BBQ-sanctioned circuit]. There were two categories: appetizer and ribeye. Both of our entries were cooked on ManGrates. Out of 35 teams we ended up 7th in appetizer and 9th in steak! We were extremely pleased with our results considering we were “virgins” with the steak cookoff and the ManGrates! They will be put to use in our cookoff arsenal.

I used my new ManGrate cast iron grill grates for the first time last night. After seasoning them with some thick-cut bacon, I grilled 2 beautiful Bison New York Strips which came out perfectly! ManGrates are the best thing to ever happen to grilling! I’m going to cover the rest of the grill with them, and I’ll be grilling much more often now. Mangrates are a great way to supercharge any grill—you can grill like a pro, and the food just tastes better!

Last night I cooked a beautiful flank steak on my ManGrates. It was cooked at 500 degrees for about 10 min. and the internal temp was 125 to 135 degrees for rare to medium rare. It came out perfect with nice sear marks and no flare ups or burnt ends. ManGrates are a must for serious grilling for sure.

You folks have been “grate”! 🙂 I mean, I was NOT a believer in ManGrates—my wife bought a set for me 2 Christmases ago, and I FINALLY used them this spring. AMAZING results! Our burgers, chicken, etc. cook FAR better, leaving the juices in. I am definitely a believer now!

I received my ManGrates this morning, seasoned them up right away and grilled myself some sirloins for lunch. They were AWESOME. I have already ordered a set for my father-in-law through the Grate Friends promotion. Thanks again; they are better than advertised!

Have two ManGrates on my grill and just sent my sister in Texas a set. They do serious grilling down there. ManGrates will be my gift to everyone in 2012. You know how hard it is to find a gift for people who have everything? Well, chances are they don’t have ManGrates. Friends of mine have $5,000 grills but the food is mediocre. No longer. So anytime there is an occasion to send a gift, won’t even have to think about it. And you know the really great thing about ManGrates is that they will last forever. Jeez, I could literally have these 50 years from now!

I just used my ManGrates for the first time yesterday and it was amazing. Here in Japan the barbecue tradition is a little different so there weren’t any huge steaks thrown on the grill, but I’ll work ‘em up to that. At first folks were skeptical. They like barbecuing little pieces of meat on a wire hanger here. With the ManGrate we barbecued little pieces of meat on an awesome chunk of iron. After the first round got served and eaten it was a hit. We had folks coming from other picnics to try what we were cooking! I can’t thank you enough, and I am heavily promoting the ManGrate here in southern Japan!

I cannot tell you how pleased my family and I have been with these Grates. Every BBQ we had we received positive comments on the food and got lots of questions on the Grates. Since then my dad bought four more to fill out his grill and my aunt & uncle bought a set of four for their grill. My co-worker, who earned me this free Grate, gave them to her husband for his birthday gift…the following week they had nothing but praise for the Grates as well. I will continue bragging about them and telling everyone I know how great they are.

The product is remarkable and you simply can’t describe the results (how steak and chicken tastes when done on the Grates)—you just have to experience it! And we use less charcoal, as well.

I just wanted to say what an awesome product you have! We ordered two ManGrates and we had the most juicy T-bone steak prepared on the ManGrates that we had ever tasted. My husband was so impressed he told me to order two more!! From steaks to hot dogs, perfect grilling every time. Thank you.

Whoa! The ManGrate is money! Got home last night, set up and seasoned [them] and grilled some barbecue chicken. Never before has it tasted so good. I’m not talking a tomato-based barbecue sauce, I’m talking a vinegar- and oil-based sauce which caused so much flare up before. With the ManGrates, flare-ups were a non-factor. I am really impressed with your product. The iron has also helped eliminate some of the dead spots on my grill. Awesome, just awesome. I’m so impressed, I would like to purchase the same set-up I got [previously]. Thanks again for all of your help.

Dear ManGrate dudes: My wife wanted to give me a new grill for Christmas because the grates were shot, but I told her I would try your excellent product instead. They are awesome. First of all, they look awesome and you can show [them to] your buddies and threaten to use them as a weapon. Secondly, they work really well. I made burgers and brats last night for the football party and everything turned out extremely well. I love grilling and your bad-ass, manly product makes grilling even better. My first order was for two but I just ordered four more to cover the entire surface of my grill. Thanks guys.

The shipping on my ManGrates way up here in the arctic was more than the product itself and my wife was skeptical, to say the least, given my man crush on Adam 🙂 She loves them! She [grilled] some hamburger patties the other day and mentioned that on our old grill they would have disintegrated, but they held together perfectly. Our steaks are more juicy and flavour-packed than ever. Two big thumbs up from way up here in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Canada!

You ManGrate folks should build the ultimate BBQ and tour it around North America to tailgates and such, to preach the one true item that serves hand in hand with the preachings of the men like Vince Lombardi, John Madden, and the man who only needs one name, Ditka. These men are masters of the game that is made all the more enjoyable with a grilled piece of meat and a cold bottle of anything. Any BBQ can grill you a piece of meat, but a ManGrate can create a piece of culinary perfection.

I’m a 57 year-old male and have cooked on grills for years, but nothing tasted right until now. When I discovered ManGrates and read up on them and what they could do, I just had to try them. Wow, what a difference! My steaks now have more flavor, cook more evenly, are juicy and taste like a grilled steak should. I now use them to cook all my meats and they are fantastic. The trick is to keep them cleaned and oiled. [ManGrates] can be used on any grill…5 star in my book!! (PS: This company cares and gives great service too!)

I have been using ManGrates for a while, and this [past] Thanksgiving I decided to try a turkey. Not too sure of the outcome, my wife [proceeded to] cook a turkey the traditional way, in the oven. So I had four ManGrates and put two flat about six inches apart and put the other two at 45-degree angles resting on the two flat grates. This created a v-shaped cradle and [provided] the most contact with the turkey. Using the ManGrates cut the grilling time by about a third. The outcome was fantastic. Overall the ManGrate turkey retained more juices and flavor. Even my wife said the grilled turkey was the better of the two. Thank you for the great product.

I heard about your product from Adam Carolla and he was right: You have a stand-up American company selling a stand-up American product. That’s why I wanted three more Grates after my start-up kit so I can cover the entire grill.

The ManGrates are awesome. They arrived the day I was leaving to go camping, so I took them [with me]. We cooked some brats and later ribeyes on my small Weber, and everyone just loved the flavor. Several folks asked me what I seasoned the steaks with. I hadn’t used anything—no salt or pepper…nothing—and the flavor was great. I love how clean the sear marks are, too. Makes me feel like I’m a professional! I intend to order a couple more to cover my whole grill for larger parties.

With 14 ManGrates under my belt I’m probably your top salesman in this region. Glad to pass the word. Hoping to start a food truck business later this year…. If things go well I’ll be ordering quite a few more. Best of luck.

ManGrate: Patented Cast Iron Grates

Constructed with cast iron forged in Ohio. The heavy, dense composition of raw cast iron allows it to withstand high temperatures and provide excellent heat conduction and retention. No coatings that can chip, either. Just like grandma’s cast iron pan, simply oil before and after use.