Frequently asked questions

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ManGrates are a modular product so that you can customize your order to cover the surface of your particular grill. Each ManGrate measures 15-inches long by 4 1/4 inches wide, is 1 3/8 inches thick and can sit vertically or horizontally to fit every grill out there.

Below is an illustration showing placement of ManGrates on a variety of grill surface sizes. However, please measure the inside of YOUR grill to determine how many grates you actually need to fill out the surface.

We can usually edit your order within 24hrs of when the order is placed. Please email our customer service with all your order information on hand. If your order has already shipped, your order cannot be changed.

We do fulfillment Monday-Friday, approximately twice per week. It generally takes 5-7 business days (during peak holiday times it can take longer due to high volume at USPS and UPS).

Please send an email to Please include your entire billing/shipping address and amount of ManGrates/brushes you would like and where you heard about the product from to receive any specials. We will email you back with your total cost including shipping.

Bear in mind, due to the weight of our grates, shipping is costly.

NOTE: We are not responsible for any duties or taxes levied by your government for any international shipments.

Once an order has been authorized for payment, our system generates a confirmation email and it is sent to the address you entered when the order is placed. If you don’t see an email, check your spam folder. If you still don’t see it, you may have misspelled the email address (it happens…). Either way, contact us via your email account and we will be happy to resend the confirmation.

Once an order’s shipping label is generated, an email is generated and sent to the email address entered when the order is placed. After the package is picked up by USPS/UPS, the barcode is scanned and the tracking cycle is initiated. If you don’t see the shipping notification email, check your spam folder.

Product should be inspected upon receipt. If there appears to be a problem with the grates, please take a photo and send it to with your order number. Returns are accepted up to 14 days after receiving the grates for defective or unused products. Depending on the problem we are usually able to refund the price you paid for the product, but not the shipping costs. Make sure the returned ManGrate(s) are securely packaged and please get a tracking number for all return items.

Rust on raw cast iron can happen if moisture reached the grates. Not a problem! Simply re-season them. Check out the re-seasoning instruction on our Grate Care page. By following those steps (oil and heat), and superficial rust will burn off.

Occasionally we hear of grates having a surface “scaling” issue, where flakes of the iron are coming off. This is a result of oxidation of the iron and high temperatures, where the top portion of the grates were seasoned, but the bottom and sides were not. The unseasoned areas of the grates deteriorate from moisture getting into the pores of the iron, resulting in irreparable damage to the grate itself. PLEASE season all sides of the grates. It is really easy to do, particularly when you use a spray oil. Over time and use, the cast iron is extremely hardy, just like cast iron skillets that have been passed on to generations of family.

Rust on the brush, on the other hand, is not acceptable. Because the ManGrate brush is made with wood and metal bristles (our new brushes are stainless steel, which are more durable), heat, moisture, age and exposure to the elements can affect the brush–wood can expand and contract, and metal can become brittle. Before every use, inspect your brush for damage or loos bristles. Discard if you see either. And, replace the brush every year to ensure optimal use.

The Legal Stuff

ASSUMPTION OF RISK. As is true with any grilling mechanism, there is an inherent danger with open flames and the heat of the grates. Additionally, ManGrates weigh 8 pounds each, so use care when handling. Each grilling device you use in conjunction with your ManGrates will be different and you assume the risk of using ManGrates on your grill.

ManGrate: Patented Cast Iron Grates

Constructed with cast iron forged in Ohio. The heavy, dense composition of raw cast iron allows it to withstand high temperatures and provide excellent heat conduction and retention. No coatings that can chip, either. Just like grandma’s cast iron pan, simply oil before and after use.