Scrub and Season—Brush & Spray bundle

High-temp seasoning spray &  heavy-duty stainless steel grill brush


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Package includes: High-temperature premium cooking spray & heavy-duty stainless steel grill brush

Cast iron NEEDS oil like a burger needs a bun. Show your grill some love and keep those grates clean and lubricated. Our Scrub & Season bundle will help keep your grates in peak condition—ready to sear any steak at a moment’s notice. Our long-bristled, heavy duty stainless steel brush scrubs deep between the grate grooves to clear out all that old char.

And for seasoning and maintaining the grates, we chose this premium, American-made cooking spray for its high temperature threshold and superb seasoning abilities. Made from a blend of pure vegetable oil and food-grade mineral oil. No calories, no cholesterol and will NOT alter taste or nutritional profile of foods you grill.

NOTE: Spray the grates before turning on a gas grill to cook and after you turn off the propane of the grill once food is cooked. Do NOT spray into open flames.


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Scrub and Season—Brush & Spray bundle

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